December 27, 2023

John E Visakay, Jr

Roxbury Township, Mr. Skip Visakay or, more formally, John Edward Visakay Jr., died surrounded by family and friends on Wednesday, December 27, 2023. We honored him in the best way we knew how, by comedically roasting him and taking shots of Chivas.

Born on April 28,1944, to the late John and Elizabeth Visakay, Skip was the youngest of two children. Throughout his life, he looked to his late older sister, Jean, for guidance and an indication of when he was getting too out of hand.

Skip was a life-long resident of New Jersey, where he built his waterproofing business, Visakay Associates, Inc. and his former fishing charter, Perpetual Care. For the majority of his life, he split his time between Morris County and Long Beach Island, though he would always welcome traveling to places where he could spend more time in nature. He loved Colorado, Montana, and anywhere he could pitch a tent, hunt, and fish. He used these opportunities to collect his thoughts, bond with his company, and share his keen insights about nature. There would usually be a quiz at the end, so you needed to make sure you were paying attention.

Known to his friends and family as a perpetual drink-pusher, arbitrary rule maker, and dabbling hoarder, Skip also loved to make jokes and laugh till he cried. He was an incredible cook, whose meals never looked fancy but always tasted amazing. He most likely added more than the recommended dose of salt or mayonnaise, and probably had a few expired ingredients in there, but he wasn’t one to let those suggested numbers ruin his meal.

He was giving with his time and creativity, and both of his daughters have Skip-original furniture pieces adorning their homes. He took requests, and he usually added in his own flourishes to solidify that he was the one who made each piece. In addition to gifting his family with his handy talents, he also frequently shared old adages, unfortunate and amusing reminders of Newton’s third law, and endless references to Poor Richard’s Almanack.

Skip got most of his partying and traveling out of his system and preferred to spend his later years at home with his dogs. He tended to his gardens, found new projects to work on (usually at his daughter’s farm), and avoided projects suggested by his wife (for as long as he could, that is).

Skip will be remembered through boisterous stories and head-shaking recollections by his wife, Marilyn, daughter, Elizabeth, step-daughter, Jenna, sons-in-law, Matt and Mike, and two grandchildren, who affectionately and appropriately call him Grumpa. In addition to family by blood and marriage, Skip was lucky to have a long list of friends that became family who could and would most likely be able to share even better stories that aren’t necessarily fit to print.

Skip will be honored with a celebration of life during the summer. In lieu of flowers, the family would like donations to be made to Kindred Hospital in Dover, New Jersey.

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